Faith4Citizenship -Breaking Bread and Building Bridges Toolkit

Breaking Bread and Building Bridges is part of a larger strategy to lift the voices of faith communities at
the local and national level and turn the tide for immigrants’ rights. Local events such as potlucks, vigils, and detention visitation connect advocates with those most directly affected by unjust immigration policies. The
relationships that are nourished serve to build understanding and strengthen dedication for continued
work toward just and humane immigration reform.

This below toolkit provides resources for congregations to engage in activities such as community dinners/ strategy forums, vigils, and meetings with decision makers to make progress toward achieving these goals. The type of campaigns you create/join will depend on your local context, existing relationships, and passions.


The toolkit Includes the Below –(If link is not yet provided, it will soon be uploaded)

Introduction to Strategy, Goals, Activities and Timeline

How to host a Breaking Bread – Potluck/ Town-hall

Hosting a Public Prayer Vigil for Family Unity

Neighbor to Neighbor Visits– Organizing a local congressional visit in support of Compassionate Immigration Reform

Education, resources and contacts

Communications: messaging, talking points, media advisory and social media


Online Registration Below

Public Actions and Vigils

Neighbor to Neighbor Visits-Meetings with Congresspeople and Senators




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