Faith Call-in Number for Compassionate Immigration Reform will continue to be active. Call your Representative TODAY!

March 13-14th Faith Call-In
for Compassionate Immigration Reform

Senate Call-In: Wednesday, March 13                                     House Call-In: Thursday, March 14

Call 1-866-940-2439 to be connected with your members of Congress.


As people of faith, we must lift up our voices and tell Congress that we demand humane and compassionate immigration reform this year.  Call your Senators on Wednesday and your Representative on Thursday to tell them that you support immigration reform that includes a pathway to full citizenship and prioritizes family unity.


Here’s a sample script you can use, but please feel free to personalize it!

Hi, my name is      NAME      , from         CITY, STATE       .

May I please speak with the staff person who handles immigration issues?

I wanted to share with the SENATOR/REPRESENTATIVE that I support commonsense, humane immigration reform that will provide a pathway to citizenship for aspiring Americans who are currently undocumented, and prioritizes family unity. I hope the SENATOR/REPRESENTATIVEagrees with me.  What is SHE/HE doing to help accomplish immigration reform this year?


For information on how to get more involved in the push for immigration reform, as well as talking points and the IIC’s recommendations to Congress, go to