Thank You! H.R. 4038 was blocked!


You did it! Because of the countless calls, letters, and tweets you sent to Senators, the anti-refugee bill H.R. 4038 was blocked from being voted on in the Senate.

Earlier today, Senators voted 55-43 to keep this anti-refugee bill from proceeding. Had it passed the Senate, it would have ground to a halt the resettlement of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in the United States. While the vote was close, our voices were heard loud and clear that as people of faith and as Americans, we will not stand for any legislation that discriminates against vulnerable populations.

See how your Senator votedĀ here.

As we celebrate this victory, we must be ready for the continued struggle, as we cannot let similar legislation pass at the national or state level. Together, let us renew our commitment to ensuring that our refugee and immigrant brothers and sisters are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Thank you again for continuing to stand with us and serve as an advocate!