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2019 Lenten Resources

“Turning Walls Into Welcome:  An Eight-Part Lenten Devotional Series”

2018 Advent & Epiphany Resources

Walking Toward Hope: An Eight-Part Advent and Epiphany Devotional Journey

(NEW Easy Read Version) Walking Toward Hope Advent and Epiphany Devotional

2018 Father’s Day Resources

Five Ways To Help Migrant Dads On Father’s Day

2018 Ramadan Resources

Interfaith Iftar Resources

2018 Pentecost Resources

Pentecost Resources: Called to be an Advocate

2018 Mothers Day Resources

This Mothers Day: Honor Immigrant Moms

2018 Passover Resources

Passover 2018 Resources from HIAS, and a call to support refugees.

2018 Lent Resources

Nine Immigration Themed Resources for Lent

2017 Advent Resources

Welcome at the Manger Resources

2017 Harvest/Thanksgiving Resources

Who Grows Our Food? 2017 Harvest Resource for standing in solidarity with migrant farm workers.

2017 High Holiday Resources

As we prepare for the High Holidays, HIAS has two new resources: a printable calendar and a liturgical reading for rabbis and others leading High Holy Day services.


Father’s Day 2017

#DontDeportMyDad Father’s Day Toolkit 2017

#DontDeportMyDad Faith Vigil Toolkit


We encourage you to use the following policy briefs in tandem with the follow Pentecost devotions that correspond to each brief:

Living as Spirit Blessed Communities Devotions 2017

Living as Spirit Blessed Communities Devotions with Briefs 2017

Each one-page briefing documents highlight what the Interfaith Immigration Coalition recommends on specific immigration and refugee policies. These documents are also a great resource to share with Congressional offices and fellow advocates, and to use as a resource for writing letters to the editor and op-eds.

Family Unity 2017

Interior Enforcement 2017

Workers Rights 2017

Vulnerable Populations 2017

Border Policies 2017

Citizenship & Integration 2017

Root Causes of Migration 2017


Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Resources 2017


HIAS: Passover Resources 2017


#BeLikeEsther: Show Us How You Stand Up for What is Right

Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism Purim Holiday Guide

HIAS Purim Resources 2017: #BeEsther

Lenten Devotions

Full Lenten Resources 2017

National Migration Week – January 8-14, 2017

USCCB Toolkit and Action Alert

Las Posadas Resources

Check out the Las Posadas resources from our IIC member, CLINIC! The resources are available in both English and Spanish.

Advent 2016 Resources

As we enter into the season of Advent, we pray for all who seek to belong, especially refugees and immigrants. See our weekly reflections in, Yearnings to Belong, our new Advent resource.

Holiday Survival Guide

Need some tips on how to talk with your family and friends about refugees and immigrants this holiday season? Check out our holiday survival guide and see how you can help change hearts and minds!

Thanksgiving Resources

Who’s behind the Platter? Stories, Prayers and Action for Thanksgiving

Civic Engagement Resources

Souls to the Polls Resource

Worship Resources for Voters

Prayer of a New Citizen

More resources on our civic engagement website!

***If you are not a citizen or do not know if you are citizen, do not register to vote or voteSee resources in Spanish and in English from CLINIC.

2016 High Holiday Resources

As we prepare for the High Holidays, HIAS has three new resources: a printable door hanger and a liturgical reading and study session for rabbis.

Families Seeking Freedom Resources

As we celebrate Independence Day and move into August Recess, we pray for the families still seeking freedom. See the Families Seeking Freedom resources to join us in standing with families seeking freedom from fear of family separation, detention, and deportation.

World Refugee Day 2016

As we celebrate the resiliency and courage of refugees around the world, we invite you to use the resources from the IIC and our organizations to plan your own events! Please let us know about your event by registering online here.

Refugees Welcome Toolkit

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, World Refugee Day 2016 Toolkit, Prayer for Migrant Children

Father’s Day – Don’t Deport My Dad

As we honor fathers and the immeasurable contributions they make on their children and families this Father’s Day (June 21), we pray for the families separated by immoral detention and deportation. This Father’s Day, we pay special attention to the impact this separation has on both fathers and their children.

Father’s Day Resources – 2016

Shavuot Study Resources

Facilitator’s Study Guide

General Study Guide

Passover Haggadahs and Seder Supplements

2016 Seder Plate Refugee Ritual

2016 Passover Refugee Supplement

Invisible The Story of Modern Day Slavery A Social Justice Haggadah

Immigration Reform Hagaddah Supplement

Immigration Seder

Lenten Devotions

Lenten Devotion, Week 1

Lenten Devotion, Week 2

Lenten Devotion, Week 3

Lenten Devotion, Week 4

Lenten Devotion, Week 5

Lenten Devotion, Palm Sunday

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Resources


Epiphany – Families in Detention – Resource

Angels to Angels Project – Call for Letters English

Angels to Angels Project-Call for Letters Spanish


Hanukkah Resource

HIAS Hanukkah Resources


Advent Resource: Immigrants Waiting in Hope


Who is Behind the Platter?–with Farmworker Stories

The Cries of the Harvester

Welcome Weekend, Start of Holiday Season

As we begin our celebrations this holiday season, we start by focusing on the importance of home and belonging. As the world faces the largest refugee crisis since the end of World War II, many are forced to flee their homes and leave behind their family, friends, and livelihoods. This holiday season, we ask that you dedicate a worship service or event in your congregation to Syrian refugees to help promote understanding of the plight of individuals seeking safety in the region and in Europe, as well as the need for the United States to contribute additional international humanitarian assistance, resettle more refugees, and ensure that communities have the resources they need to help refugees integrate and thrive as they rebuild their lives. Please see the resources below and register to host an event here!

Welcome Weekend Toolkit

Welcome Weekend One Page Information Sheet

To view additional resources for hosting a welcoming event, please download the Refugees Welcome Toolkit here.

Fourth of July

As we celebrate Independence Day with our friends and families, we must remember those in our communities, especially the families, who still long for freedom. This Fourth of July, we pray for those who are imprisoned in family detention centers across the United States, that they may find the freedom they seek.

Fourth of July Prayer Resource

#FreeFamilies Campaign – Social Media Toolkit


World Refugee Day 2015

As we mark World Refugee Day on June 20, we invite you to join us in celebrating refugees’ courage in overcoming adversity and the many gifts they bring to our communities across the United States.

Father’s Day

As we honor fathers and the immeasurable contributions they make on their children and families this Father’s Day (June 21), we pray for the families separated by immoral detention and deportation. This Father’s Day, we pay special attention to the impact this separation has on both fathers and their children.

Don’t Deport My Dad Toolkit

Refugee Community Advocacy Week: June 29- July 2

All Members of Congress will be in their states and local districts the week after World Refugee Day – June 29th – July 2nd.

Refugee Council USA 2015 Advocacy Toolkit

Church World Service: Refugee Resources

Lutheran Immigrant and Refugee Services: Refugee Sunday Resources

Episcopal Church: Refugee Resources

US Conference of Catholic Bishops: Prayer for Migrant Families

USCCB: Migrant and Refugee Children Resource

USCCB: A Prayer for Migrant Children


Pentecost devotions

endfamilydetentionMother’s Day

On Mother’s Day we honor the special role of motherhood in our families. Our mothers perhaps make the most impact on our childhood in shaping how we are raised and who we become. This Mother’s Day we are paying special attention to the crisis we face in regards to mothers and children held in immigration detention facilities, and we share some stories from mothers in detention.

Family Detention Mother’s Day 2015

Christian Prayer of Solidarity, Oseh Shalom/Prayer for Peace

Holy Week

Holy Week, Six Days of Devotion


Immigration Reform: Your Lenten Promise | Español

Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day Prayer Resource

Rosh Hashanah

HIAS: A Rosh Hashanah Call to Action in Support of the World’s Refugees

Yom Kippur

HIAS: A Yom Kippur Call to Action in Support of the World’s Refugees


HIAS Sukkot Resources

 Past resources

Ash-Wednesday graphic   Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday marks the 40 days prior to Easter known as Lent. Join us in this time of fasting and prayer to call for proper Immigration Reform.

Fast for Families Ash Wednesday Prayer Service
Not1More – Ash Wednesday


Lent graphic  Lent

The weeks before Easter calls us to pray, act, and give. Use our Lenten resources to join others to stand alongside immigrants during this time of fasting and reflection.

A Call to Fast at Lent
Catholic Social Media Graphic
Catholic Lenten Toolkit
Fast for Families – Pledge to Fast
Download the Toolkit


jews-unitedJewish Holiday Resources

Check out these Jewish holiday resources from HIAS that are continuously updated! HIAS also has 2016 High Holiday resources for Rosh Hoshanah and Yom Kippur.



Jewish Shavout Commemorations

Each Thursday of the Omer, beginning April 17, Rabbis Organizing Rabbis (ROR) will share a drash written by a Reform rabbi offering insights on the Omer and the issue of immigration reform.

Sign the pledge and download the text study.



Family Experience Guide for Sukkot

The communal celebrations and gatherings of Sukkot offer opportunities to reflect on our heritage, values and teachings. Sukkot is also a time to take action for social change. We invite you to study this guide, which highlights the theme of migration within Sukkot and the Jewish response to the broken immigration system.
Download the guide



Veteran’s Day

On this Veterans Day, while we honor those who have served and currently serve in the U.S. military, we also want to stand with Iraqi and Afghan nationals who have assisted U.S. forces. These individuals risk their lives and their families’ lives serving alongside U.S. forces. Because of this they may qualify for a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) because of the persecution and threats they face due to the sacrifice they have made.
Advocating for Special Immigrant Visas
Veterans Day Story and Prayer – Special Immigrant Visa



Worship Resources for Voters

Check out these worship resources and prayers from Church World Service, Interfaith Worker Justice, United Church of Christ, Sisters of Mercy and NETWORK Lobby. And here is a beautiful Prayer of a New Citizen.

wrd-01World Refugee Day & Legislative Contacts: June 2-6 and June 20

World Refugee Day is here on June 20 and you can get ready with this RCUSA Toolkit. Schedule meetings with your members of Congress from June 2-6 and encourage them to stand with refugees.


jfiPentecost Toolkit (June 2-8)

Join Catholics across the country for seven days of prayer, reflection, and action to heal our broken immigration system.


Other Resources

Fast of Esther Toolkit  (NCJW)

Mothers’s Day Weekend, May 10-11