Father’s Day Vigils Toolkit – #DontDeportMyDad




We’re asking religious and community leaders to conduct Father’s Day weekend prayer vigils (Friday night or Saturday) in support of immigrant and refugee fathers. Too often, the mother-child relationship is seen as the only one that matters, and we want to highlight the fact that fathers are important to families and kids’ development too. We have a specific case we’re supporting which inspired this idea, but there are thousands of fathers across this country being torn from their children because of unjust deportation policies. Please see below resource with talking points, template press advisories and sample social media posts.

Toolkit Content

  • Organize an Interfaith Vigil
  • Sample Media Advisory/Release
  • Talking Points
  • Social Media
  • Opinion Editorial


Donald Trump continually attacked immigrants throughout his campaign through hateful anti-immigrant rhetoric. Now his administration has instituted harsh and unjust immigration policies that are designed to have no mercy or compassion for the thousands of families being devastated as mothers and fathers are torn apart from their children. The administration has also targeted Somali immigrants and is threatening to take away Temporary Protective Status for Haitians and Hondurans. Faith communities and allies have a moral responsibility stand in solidarity with the immigrants and refugees in our midst this Father’s Day.

Host an Interfaith Vigil

Hosting interfaith vigils provides the opportunity for faith leaders to express how welcoming immigrants is part of all faith traditions, reflecting on the deep scriptural and spiritual roots of our work to support refugees and immigrants. Even small events, multiplied across the country, will send a powerful message to the Trump administration and Congress that welcoming immigrants and refugees is moral issue that is important to people of faith and conscience.


Topline Talking Points

On Father’s day, we honor all fathers and their contributions to families and our country. Immigrant and refugee fathers represent the best of what our nation offers – they are role models, veterans, caretakers, teachers, doctors, workers, congregants, lay leaders, neighbors, and integral members of our communities.

We demand that President Trump and Secretary Kelly stop deporting fathers and tearing up families who are part of our communities. We urge Congress to reject the president’s request to fund his mass deportation force and border wall. The America we all love celebrates fathers and values their contributions to their families and our country.

Immigrant and refugee fathers are pillars of their families and our communities. They know how much their children are counting on them to protect them, to teach them valuable lessons, and to be there for them in the good and bad times.

On this day, the children of immigrants make one powerful appeal to America: “Don’t deport my dad.” No child wants to see their father or mother locked up and facing deportation. Countless children are suffering the emotional and financial impacts of a parent who is detained or has already been deported.

Immigrant and refugee fathers work hard to build a better future for their children and our community. America’s past and present is filled with immigrant fathers who sought the American Dream not for themselves but for their children. They’ve put the well-being of their family before themselves. Those sacrifices must be honored.