Action: Defund the Deportation and Detention Machine

It’s time for a congressional intervention. President Trump has requested billions of dollars for indiscriminate deportations of community members and an unprecedented number of immigrants in detention. Unless they hear a resounding NO from their constituents, members of Congress are poised to develop a budget that expands immigration enforcement and slashes programs that protect the most vulnerable.
We have an opportunity to let the prophetic voice ring out and empower our legislators to resist a budget designed to escalate the attack on our neighbors who are immigrants and refugees. This toolkit will walk you through tangible actions you can take each week from July through August so that Congress hears from communities of faith loudly and boldly throughout the summer.

Download a PDF of the Toolkit to use and distribute!

Toolkit includes:

Tell Congress: No Funds for Exclusionary, Enforcement Only Policies
July 3-9: Attend Town Halls & Local Public Events
July 10 IIC Webinar: 5 Ways We Can Defund the Deportation Machine
July 10-14: Call and Tweet Your Members of Congress & Request Visits from their Local Offices
July 17-21: Write Opinion Editorials & Letters to the Editor for Local Media Outlets
July 24-28: Build Your Advocacy Team
July 31 – August 11: Host Interfaith Vigils
August 14-31: Advocacy Visits with Your Members of Congress in their Local Offices