Urge Congress to Stand With Our Immigrant Neighbors!

Right now, we are facing a heartless campaign to tear families apart and devastate communities by arresting and deporting moms, dads, and young people who have lived in the United States for years. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) was created to provide protection to those in the United States when it is unsafe for their return home. TPS has given approx. 330,000 people from 10 countries the opportunity to rebuild their lives in the United States. TPS holders contribute billions of dollars to our economy, and many of them have lived here for years and are parents to U.S. citizen children. They are our neighbors. Tearing them apart from their families is wrong.

We need a path forward – one that starts by keeping TPS protections intact and extending all TPS protections for at least 18 months, and for as long as the dangerous conditions in these countries persist. We also need Congress to act with a legislative solution that protects TPS holders from being uprooted from their communities and being separated from their families. To fail to extend TPS for these countries while they remain unstable would be an affront to our American values of hospitality, generosity, compassion.

Tell Congress to Support TPS Holders and #SaveTPS!
(202) 224-3121
Please call 3x for your 2 Senators and 1 Representative

Sample Script: “I’m your constituent from [City, State]. I stand in solidarity with my immigrant neighbors, support Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and strongly oppose any attempt to terminate or curtail the program. TPS is designed to protect people from being returned to harm and is extended based on country conditions. There are about 330,000 people from 10 different countries who through TPS are currently pursuing their dreams and raising families in safety. Some have been here for many years, and more than 70% have a U.S. citizen sibling, spouse, or child. Tearing apart families is wrong.

I urge [the Senator/Representative] to do everything they can to ensure that the administration extends TPS for all ten countries for at least another 18 months, issue a public statement declaring support for all TPS holders, and support legislation that would ensure stability for TPS recipients who have lived here for many years, would face extreme hardship if deported, or are otherwise eligible for permanent residence.”

Tweet the same message: “.@SENATOR/REPRESENTATIVE Declare your support for #TPS holders & legislation to protect them from deportation #SaveTPS #GreaterAs1”

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