Tell Congress to Keep our Promise to Protect Kids and Reunite Families

National Day of Action: Monday, December 4th

As part of its anti-refugee agenda, the Trump administration has just slammed the door on children in danger. The administration cancelled the Central American Minors program (CAM) – a protection mechanism that saved the lives of 3,000 children in the past few years. By screening refugee children in Central America, the United States aimed to discourage irregular migration and provide at-risk children with a safe alternative to extremely dangerous migration journeys.

The sudden cancellation of this life-saving program raises questions about what will happen to the 7,000 children whose applications are still in process. The administration has signaled that no interviews will be conducted after January 31, 2018, but has made insufficient plans to ensure that all children who have applied are interviewed by that date.

Failing to process all of the 7,000 kids who have put their faith in a life-saving program is not just unfair. It is cruel and un-American. This is why we need your help TODAY.

Urge your legislators to demand that the Trump administration ensure that the applications already submitted are properly processed. Each child was promised, and deserves, an interview. Congress must demand that the promise made to these innocent children and their parents to process their cases is not broken.

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Call Congress Today!
Urge Congress to Stand with 7,000 Children in Need of Protection
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Here’s a sample of what to say:

My name is ___. I am deeply troubled by the Trump Administration’s decision to end the resettlement program for Central American children. I am calling to urge Representative/Senator ___ to call the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and demand that they keep their promise to these vulnerable children and their parents. DHS must interview every child who has applied before they end this program.  

Please also post to Facebook and Tweet key leaders of Congress and the Administration!

Sample Facebook Posts:

  • The Trump Administration is abruptly ending a life-saving program for Central American children at risk of violence. 7,000 children who have already applied will have their hopes shattered if the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) suspends the program without processing their applications. Stand with [@yourorg]. Urge Congressional leadership to demand that DHS keep its promise and process all of these children’s pending applications. [action alert]
  • URGENT: As part of its anti-refugee agenda, the Trump Administration has slammed the door on vulnerable children from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala who have applied for the Central American Minors program. Nearly 7,000 children have put their lives on the line to apply for refugee resettlement to the United States, but may be told that their applications will no longer be processed. This is unconscionable. We need your help pushing back. Call 1-855-472-8930 today and demand that Congress hold Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) accountable. They MUST keep their promise to interview the children who have already applied for protection through the program. [action alert]

Sample Tweets:

  • I #StandWithRefugees. I stand with the 7,000 Central American kids who are waiting an interview for refugee resettlement through the Central American Minors resettlement program. RT and tell @USCIS they MUST keep their promise to these vulnerable children! @Senator/Rep
  • The Trump Administration’s decision to abruptly close the only safe pathway to protection for Central American refugee children in the U.S. is misguided and cruel. More children will be vulnerable to trafficking. Take action now. [action alert]
  • The US made a promise that we’d do our part to help Central American kids out of harm’s way. Now we’re breaking that promise. We call on@realDonaldTrump and@Senator/Rep to ensure that all kids’ applications be considered. #RefugeeKids
  • .@DHSgov announced that the Central American Minors resettlement program will end on January 31. The sudden end of the ONLY safe pathway for refugee kids facing violence and persecution in the Central America is cruel and inconsistent with our nation’s values. #RefugeeKids @Senator/Rep
  • The Trump Administration is gambling with the lives of 7,000 vulnerable Central American children. @SenJudiciary tell DHS that they must interview all 7,000 kids who have applied for resettlement, before closing the Central American Minors program. #RefugeeKids
  • Without the Central American Minors resettlement and family reunification program, more kids will be forced to flee violence and embark on a dangerous journey to seek protection at the border. Take action by calling Congress now! [action alert]
  • The lives of 7,000 kids from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras hang in the balance. @Senator/Representative tell @DHSgov that all that Central American children who have already applied for resettlement must be interviewed before the program is closed.
  • .@Senator/Rep Terminating the CAM program removes the only safe path that Central American Minors have to flee violence in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Tell @USCIS to keep the promise to the 7,000 kids awaiting an interview.
  • [Your org] denounces the rushed closure of the Central American Minors program—the only safe pathway to protection Honduran, Salvadoran and Guatemalan kids at risk. With 7,000 at-risk kids still awaiting an interview and MUST be interviewed. #RefugeeKids. Take Action now [action alert]
  • .@Senator/Rep Terminating the Central American Minors program means leaving at least 7,000 kids who have already applied in harm’s way, in countries where murders of women and girls have increased by 346%. Communities of faith will not allow this to happen @realDonaldTrump , #RefugeeKids
  • The Central American Minors program has protected over 3,000 kids from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. The Trump administration is ending it, without a plan to interview the 7,000 kids with pending applications. Unfair. Un-American. Ask Congress to stand up for 7,000 kids. [action alert]
  • The abrupt end of a refugee program for Central American kids is heartless and un-American. 7,000 vulnerable kids who have already applied may not get an interview. RT and tell @DHSgov to keep its promise to at-risk children.

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Note:  We are asking action takers to focus their calls on Chair and Ranking Members of Judiciary, Homeland Security, and Foreign Relations/Foreign Affairs, insofar as they are allies (or reasonably receptive) to this issue.