Tell Congress to Protect Families & Stop Fueling Unjust Detention, Deportation, and Border Militarization: National Call-in Day on Monday, December 3rd

Update: Congress has extended the deadline for the DHS spending debate. Keep calling your Members of Congress until the new December 21 deadline! 

Congress must decide by December 7, 2018 how to fund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for the rest of fiscal year 2019. Right now is a critical time for people of faith and conscience to make our voices heard and say all people deserve to be treated humanely. Every additional dollar for immigration detention and enforcement allows the administration to carry out policies that erode the rights and safety of immigrants, refugees, and migrants.

The administration is illegally banning asylum seekers who enter in between ports of entry. They are firing tear gas at shoeless children holding their mother’s hand who are seeking protection at the U.S. border. They are separating and incarcerating families seeking protection. They are keeping people in immigrant detention centers in abusive conditions. They are infringing on the civil and human rights of border communities, and they are locking out people looking for a safe place to call home. They are trying to expand the construction of border walls and fences. Take action today to ensure your Members of Congress protect families and uphold our moral and legal obligations.


Call (866) 940-2439: Tell Our National Leaders to Protect Families and

Reduce Funding for Detention, Deportations, and Border Militarization

Call three times to be connected to your 2 Senators and 1 Representative


Sample Script: “I am your constituent from [CITY/TOWN], and I urge Senator/Representative [NAME] to reject any increases in funding for immigration enforcement and to ensure we uphold our moral and legal obligations to protect people from harm. As a person of faith, I think Congress spends too much money on deportation agents, detention beds, wall construction, and militarization of border communities. We need additional oversight of enforcement and investment in community-based alternatives to detention. I urge you to cut spending that tears families apart, leaves vulnerable populations unprotected, and erodes our nation’s responsibility to welcome the stranger. My community welcomes and values immigrants, and I urge you to do the same.”


Here are 3 more ways to engage your Members of Congress:


  • Amplify on Social Media: Share the same message with your Senators & Representatives on social media. Click here for sample social media posts and graphics to share. Graphics opposing the asylum ban are available here.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor or Opinion Editorial: Call on your Member of Congress by name to cut funding and expand oversight over detention, deportation, and border enforcement. Urge them to direct the administration to utilize community-based alternatives to detention for families, asylum seekers, and immigrants. Submit a letter to the editor using this tool.


Join or Organize Local Public Witness and Community Events: Hosting public witness events, like interfaith vigils, provides the opportunity for faith leaders to express how welcoming immigrants is part of all faith traditions, and to reflect on the deep scriptural and spiritual roots of our work to support immigrants. Even small events, multiplied across the country, will send a powerful message to the Trump administration and Congress that upholding family unity and welcoming immigrants is a moral issue that is important to people of faith and conscience. Click here for a toolkit to organize a local event and lift up the power in prayer.