Stop Congress from Cutting Refugee Resettlement Funds

Background: Congress is proposing funding bills for Fiscal Year 2017 that would flatline refugee resettlement funding at last year’s levels. President Obama committed to resettling 110,000 refugees in 2017, in contrast to the 75,000 planned for in the 2016 budget. As we are facing the worst displacement crisis in recorded history, resettlement is one of the key ways that the U.S. can lead by example and encourage other countries to help refugees. It is critical that this increase in refugee admissions is met with increased funds to ensure local communities have the resources they need to help refugees integrate and thrive.

These proposed funding cuts would turn our backs on the 110,000 refugees we have pledged to welcome, damage integration efforts, and negatively impact communities that welcome refugees. Please call Senate Appropriations Chair Thad Cochran, as he and other members who serve key leadership roles in the appropriations process consider these proposals.

Take Action TODAY: Tell Senator Cochran to Increase Refugee Funding

Call Senator Cochran: (202) 224-5054

Here’s a sample of what to say: “As Congress considers Fiscal Year 2017 funding, I urge the Senator to increase funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlement and the Migration and Refugee Assistance account to support refugee assistance overseas and refugee resettlement in the United States, over and above last year’s levels. Resettlement in one of the ways the U.S. can lead by example and leverage international support for refugees. My community welcomes refugees, and I urge the Senator to increase funding for refugee protection and resettlement.”

You can also tweet Senator Cochran: “.@SenThadCochran, show that #AmericaWelcomes by supporting increased funds to resettle #refugees! #RefugeesWelcome”

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