Interfaith Bank Boycott Campaign

Campaign Goal: Increase pressure on the U.S. Government to improve treatment of immigrants by passing the Dream Act.

Tactic: Boycott key banks profiting from private prisons and an unjust immigration system

Boycott Commitment: Participation in a boycott of Wells Fargo and Bank of America, which are two of the main funders and profiteers of private prisons, such as GEO and CoreCivic. In turn, Wells Fargo and Bank of America directly enable the detention of immigrants and families as well as an expanding market for such private prisons and detentions. Thus, they are profiting from the rapid increase in detention of immigrants and funding key politicians who create relevant policy.

We will continue this boycott at least until President Trump and Congress pass the Dream Act. If there is not such a commitment by December 15, 2017, we will scale-up and broaden our boycott efforts.


How: Organizations and Individuals can participate in the boycott by doing any of the following: 1) sharing it with other individuals or your members as an option; or 2) explicitly sign on to the boycott as a good idea, or 3) encouraging individuals or sub-groups within your organization or membership to endorse the boycott; or 4) encourage other organizations, especially those you may be a constituent of (ex. county, city), to endorse the boycott; 5) moving any accounts (ex. savings, checking, health savings, CD’s, credit cards, etc.) from Wells Fargo and Bank of America to another bank, or 6) divesting any investments in Wells Fargo and Bank of America.


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Interfaith Bank Boycott Campaign

*This includes core affected community partners, rationale, and other suggested banks to move your money to.

Interfaith Boycott Background Info.
*This includes an explanation of how the leveraging works, the profit process, dimensions of effectiveness in campaigns, and other educational resources.

Congressional one-pager

When meeting with your congressional representative or their staff, you can leave a copy of this one-pager to tell them about the boycott.

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