Compassionate Immigration Reform

The Interfaith Immigration Coalition (IIC), a coalition of 35 national faith-based organizations, calls on the Obama Administration to seize the moment to champion legislative reform of our broken immigration system, and to promote immigrant integration and reduce harmful enforcement practices through administrative actions.

The IIC calls on the Administration to use all its resources, contacts, and the
political capital necessary to ensure that Congress enacts legislation:

Champion Legislative Principles

  • Address the Factors that Push Migrants from their Homes
  • Create a Swift and Attainable Opportunity for Undocumented Immigrants to Apply for Citizenship
  • Prioritize Family Unity and Reunification
  • Protect Refugees and Migrant Survivors of Violence
  • Protect the Rights of all Workers Place Humanitarian Values at the Center of Enforcement Policies
  • Prioritize Funding to Promote Immigrant Integration and Protect Vulnerable Populations

Recommendations to the Administration
Recommendations to Congress

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Comprehensive immigration reform should accomplish the following:

  • Uphold family unity as a priority of all immigration policies
  • Create a process for undocumented immigrants to earn their legal status and eventual citizenship
  • Protect all workers and provide efficient channels of entry for new migrant workers
  • Facilitate immigrant integration
  • Restore due process protections and reform detention policies
  • Align the enforcement of immigration laws with humanitarian values

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