Refugees Welcome Resources

To view all resources listed on this page, please download the Refugees Welcome Toolkit here.

Thank You!


You did it! Because of the countless calls, letters, and tweets you sent to Senators, the anti-refugee bill H.R. 4038 was blocked from being voted on in the Senate.

Earlier today, Senators voted 55-43 to keep this anti-refugee bill from proceeding. Had it passed the Senate, it would have ground to a halt the resettlement of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in the United States. While the vote was close, our voices were heard loud and clear that as people of faith and as Americans, we will not stand for any legislation that discriminates against vulnerable populations.

See how your Senator voted here.

As we celebrate this victory, we must be ready for the continued struggle, as we cannot let similar legislation pass at the national or state level. Together, let us renew our commitment to ensuring that our refugee and immigrant brothers and sisters are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Thank you again for continuing to stand with us and serve as an advocate!

#RefugeesWelcome Overview of Resources

As we face the largest number of displaced people since the end of World War II, there are many ways that people can help. As the United States works to resettle additional refugees, including many Syrian refugees, we are asking communities to take part in Welcome Weekend, host a #RefugeesWelcome dinner, volunteer with a local refugee resettlement agency, and help educate communities about the life-saving role of refugee resettlement. Especially as Congress must allocate funds to government agencies by December 11th, these actions are timely and vital to urging the United States to help displaced persons and refugee-hosting countries, resettle more refugees, and ensure that communities have the resources they need to help refugees integrate and thrive as they rebuild their lives.


60 million people are displaced globally, the highest numbers since World War II. This includes 4 million Syrian refugees and nearly 8 million individuals displaced within Syria. As we witness the desperation of people fleeing their homes to seek safety, the refusal of many countries to accept refugees, the unwelcoming attitudes and anti-Muslim sentiment of some, and the growing attention and public support for refugee resettlement we have a responsibility to act now to show that our communities welcome refugees.

Welcome Weekend: November 13-15

Congregations of all traditions lean on their faiths to encourage one another and share in welcoming refugees through their weekly service prayers, worship and sermons on November 13-15 and beyond. See resources here and make sure to sign up here!

#RefugeesWelcome Dinners

In the spirit of breaking bread together, building relationships, and walking together, faith and community groups can invite refugees to a Welcome Dinner, starting around Thanksgiving and moving beyond, to cross divides and build bridges of trust in the formation of creating welcoming communities. See resources here.

Mapping Welcoming Activities

Please sign up here for Welcome Weekend and #RefugeesWelcome Dinners so we can show the power of communities throughout the country that are welcoming and standing in solidarity with refugees.

Elevate the Story

Share the stories of refugees’ contributions to their communities in your local newspaper, TV station and via social media, as well as how community members are welcoming refugees. See resources here.

Call and Meet with your Members of Congress

We all need to call and meet with our Senators and Representatives to urge them to support creative solutions to resettle Syrian refugees, as well as increased funding to assist refugees around the world and ensure local communities have the resources they need to help refugees integrate and thrive as they rebuild their lives. See action alert here and local congressional visit toolkit here.