September 2017 – Faith Communities Mobilize To Stop Ban and Defend DACA/TPS: Recording

August 2017 – How Faith Communities Can Stand with Dreamers + Protect DACA: Recording

June 2017 – Faith Community Response to an Unfaithful Budget: Recording 1, Recording 2, and Powerpoint Presentation

May 2017 – Faith Communities Mobilizing for World Refugee Day: Recording and Powerpoint Presentation

April 2017 – Prophetic Witness and Nonviolent Direct Action: Recording and PowerPoint Presentation

March 2017 – Recent Raids and Cuts to Refugees: Faith Community Response Recording and PowerPoint Slides

February 2017 – After the Executive Orders: Taking Action at Home to Support Immigrants and Refugees Recording and PowerPoint Slides

November 2016 – Call to Action: Welcoming Refugees, Immigrants & All Newcomers Recording and PowerPoint Slides

October 2016 – Faithfully Engaged in the 2016 Election Recording

September 2016 – Faith Call to Action for Central American Families Fleeing Violence: Audio Recording and PowerPoint Presentation

July 2016 – The Supreme Court & Beyond:  Building Inclusive Communities and a Better Future for Undocumented Immigrants: Audio Recording and PowerPoint Presentation

May 2016 – Messaging & the Media: How to Share Your Story with a Larger Audience: Audio Recording

April 2016 – DACA/DAPA Protections: The Supreme Court and Beyond: PowerPoint Presentation and Audio Recording

March 2016 – Civic Engagement – A Faithful Call to Stand in Solidarity with Immigrant & Refugee Communities this Election Cycle: PowerPoint Presentation and Audio Recording

Feb 2016 – Faith Response to Border Militarization and Central American Asylum Seeker: PowerPoint Presentation and Audio Recording

Jan 2016 – Faith Response to ICE Raids of Central American Families: PowerPoint Presentation and Audio Recording

Dec 2015 – Faith Response to Anti-Muslim Movement: PowerPoint Presentation and Audio Recording

Nov 2015 – Refugees Welcome Initiative: PowerPoint Presentation and Audio Recording

Oct 2015 – Responding to Humanitarian Crises: Syrian Refugees & Central American Refugees: PowerPoint Presentation and Audio Recording

Feb 2015 – Recent Texas Court Ruling & Faith Roles to Support Executive Action and Support Community Members Now: pdf

Jan 2013 – Prophetic Witness and Civil Disobedience: Powerpoint

Nov 2013 – Ag bill: Petition – English: pdf, doc | Spanish: pdf, doc

July 2013 – Fast Action for Immigration Reform: IIC-August-2013-Webinar

June 2013 – Senate bill and House strategy: Powerpoint Presentation

May 2013 – Senate bill:  Powerpoint Presentation

April 2013 – Utilizing Media:  Powerpoint Presentation | Audio

March 2013 – Neighbor-to-Neighbor Visits:  Powerpoint Presentation

Feb 2013 – Senate/White House Proposals, Building Teams, Family Unity Vigils:  Audio

Jan 2013 – Faith Strategy and Action for Compassionate Immigration Reform:  Powerpoint Presentation | Audio

Dec 2012 – Breaking Bread and Building Bridges:  Powerpoint Presentation| Audio

Nov 2012 – Post-election Analysis Call:  Powerpoint Presentation | Audio

Oct 2012 – Farmworker Justice:  Powerpoint Presentation | Audio

Sept 2012 – Family Unity Waiver (I-601):  Powerpoint Presentation | Audio

August 2012 – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DREAMer Relief):  Powerpoint Presentation

July 2012 – Welcoming Communities Through Civic Engagement:  Powerpoint Presentation