Let My People Stay

Let My People Stay is a campaign to promote the cases of individuals and families set to be deported, spreading the word on how to act. Click the link above to learn more and to help us with this project

Current Cases

  • Help Mercedes! Help Mercedes, a DREAMer in TN, get deferred action! She was put in deportation proceedings after being told by immigration officials that she would never graduate or see her family again. Click Here to demand justice against this cruelty!
  • Help Ricardo! Help Ricardo Muniz, 22-year-old student and active volunteer, stay in the US, his home since he was 7 years old. Click Here to sign a petition to STOP his deportation. (For more info, check out California DREAM Network’sYouTube Vid about Ricardo for his story and updates.)

Updated Cases

  • Update on Erick Velazquillo’s campaign: Thanks for your petition signatures! Erick remains in his home in this country. His case has been administratively closed, which means it has been temporarily closed. Erick Velazquillo was stopped as he was going home from the gym and ended up in deportation proceedings after spending 3 days in jail. Erick is a solid community leader and local volunteer.