Tell Your State to Welcome Refugees and Withdraw Support for Refugee Ban

Twice this year, President Trump tried to grind the refugee resettlement program to a halt, ban individuals from six Muslim majority countries, and reduce the number of refugees we welcome in the United States. As we face the worst displacement crisis in global history with over 21 million refugees, Trump issued two executive orders in January and March that violate our American values of compassion, hospitality, and welcome. Several lawsuits were filed against both executive orders, the January executive order has been rescinded, and right now, a nationwide injunction is in place that prevents the administration from implementing the March executive order – a ruling that highlights how the orders are as discriminatory as they are morally reprehensible.

On March 27, 13 states – including 12 attorneys general and 1 governor – filed a “friend of the court” brief in a Maryland federal court to support Trump’s refugee and Muslim ban. On April 10, 15 states – including 14 attorneys general and 1 governor – asked the Hawai’i federal court if they could submit a similar brief. Communities across the United States continue to come together to defend the proud American tradition of welcoming those who seek refuge. These endorsements of Trump’s refugee and Muslim ban run counter to our values of freedom, opportunity, and compassion, and do not reflect the welcome we see in communities across the country.

Take Action: Sign the Letter Opposing Your State’s Endorsement of the Refugee Ban
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We invite state and local organizations, businesses, and faith leaders to sign on to your state’s letter expressing opposition to your state governor or attorney general’s endorsement of the refugee and Muslim ban and urge them to withdraw their name from the court brief.

When refugees arrive in the United States, they immediately become part of the fabric of America and give back to their new communities. Refugees join our congregations, become employees and small business owners, and their children grow up alongside ours. Resettlement gives refugees a chance to rebuild a life for themselves and their families in safety. Endorsing Trump’s executive order does not represent us as Americans. Sign on today to urge your state to withdraw its support for the refugee ban!

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